LAR Meat

About Turkey Meat

LAR food is the biggest producer, supplier and exporter of premium quality turkey meat. Our company specializes in all range of turkey products. In 2020 we launched our new slaughterhouse and meat processing plant which complies with all European standards. We produce turkey meat and cuts, turkey meat semi-finished products, sausages and deli meats.

We are customer focused company – package according to customers’ requirements, we can do private label products for you or even create together a unique recipe only for your distribution.
The company brings together experience of both domestic and foreign partners that produce turkey meat according to Quality Management Standards and efficient logistics.

The entire production cycle, including incubation, rearing, slaughter, cutting, deep processing, production of poultry feed, as well as waste processing, is carried out in accordance with the highest international quality standards. At each stage of production, strict quality control and compliance with environmental, technological and sanitary requirements are carried out.

Production is certified in accordance with the standards ST RK ISO 22000-2006 (HACCP), ST RK ISO 9001-2009, ST RK ISO 14001-2006, according to international standards MS 1500-2009 guidelines for the production, manufacturing, processing and storage of HALAL products.
The company guarantees high quality standards for its products, preserving the unique properties of dietary meat and excellent taste.