Sunflower Honey

About Sunflower Honey

This type of honey is popular in cooking. Half of the composition is glucose. Rarely sold fresh, sunflower honey is usually easily recognizable by large candied lumps. High taste characteristics - especially when honey is in liquid form. Light substance of yellow, golden or amber color. Smells nice and light. Has a fruity taste. There is an aftertaste - the sugary taste of sunflower seeds.

It is especially useful in diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Removes toxins from the body, has a diuretic effect. Recommended for low immunity and a weakened body. It has a positive effect on the endocrine, nervous and vascular systems, improves metabolism and normalizes metabolism.
Calorie content. 314 kcal.
Quickly breaks up with a liquid state – crystallizes into large crystals. Brightens, there are impurities of green shades. Rich in vitamins E and PP. Crystallization occurs in 2-3 weeks from the date of collection. Crystals are large. When sugared, the mass becomes light and thick