Mountain Honey

About Mountain Honey

The source is mountain forbs. Environmentally friendly product. Demanded and expensive variety. Nectar is collected from clover, acacia, blackthorn, bird cherry, oregano, lavender, mint and other plants. Mixes are obtained that differ in color, taste and smell.

Wide color range – yellow and amber shades of different intensities. The smell depends on the honey plants. Sweet with bitter-tart notes.
Honey, collect pollen from mountain herbs, medicinal herbs, Sage, Thyme, St. John’s wort, Motherwort, Epiphora, Ivan-tea and much more. Color from dark to light yellow, very fragrant.
This is Chon-Kemin, honey is dark or light yellow. The color depends on the time of collection, that is, what herbs bloom.

BENEFIT Contains a lot of vitamin A and carotene Indications for use: stress;
endocrine disorders;
increased thyroid function;
diseases of the kidneys, stomach, liver.
Cleanses the body of toxins, has a calming effect.
Calorie content. 284 kcal.
White color with pinkish and green hues indicates a fake. It quickly crystallizes, turning from a viscous substance into a solid product that is cut with a knife.